TPS Ep. 021 – All About iTunes iTunes is one of the most important tools for a podcaster. Regardless of how you feel about Apple, the iTunes software and store is something that every podcaster should be familiar with inside and out. On this episode I cover some of the basics of iTunes such as how to get your show listed in […]
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Jeff’s back in the studio, virtually via Skype, with part two of our interview. On this episode we talk about twitter strategies, connecting with your audience, SEO, being a more efficient podcaster, content ideas for your show, and we take a look inside Jeff’s studio including what hardware and software he uses to produce his […]
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On this episode of The Podcasters Studio I talk with Jeff Roney from Roneyzone Productions. Jeff also produces several other podcasts and incorporates a whole host of voice actors in his original work, New World Army Podcast. In part one of this interview we learn a little about Jeff and his long life (141 episode […]





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