TPS Ep. 040 – USB Mixers, Recording Skype Video, and Podcasting Statistics for 2010 When choosing a mixer for your podcast there are some special considerations that I think each podcaster should think about before making their purchase. Some of these include the number of mic inputs your mixer will allow. Can you grow your show with the mixer you are planning to buy? Can it power condenser microphones […]

Adobe Audition is now out for the Mac. Find out what I like about it, what I think you could use as an alternative and the effects I use when using Audition to process my audio. Also discussed on this episode are virtual cart machines (soundbyte, pod producer, etc). These apps and programs allow you […]

On this episode I interview entertainment lawyer and podcaster, Gordon Firemark. We talk about the many different legal issues surrounding podcasting and podcasters including copyright, fair use, model releases and much more. Do you know your rights if your original content is taken and used without your permission or violates the copyright you have in […]

TPS Ep. 037 – A WordPress Feed Fix, A New Home for your Podcast, and a Great Blogworld Keynote On this episode I introduce you to a new resource on, the newly redone blog which will be used to share emails that I receive regarding podcasting questions. Now everyone will benefit from the information I exchange with those people who take the time to write into the show. I also introduce you to […]

The importance of having a clean, easy to read, relevant show logo. Learn why your podcast’s show art is so important and how to improve on the one you already have or create one for free. Also find out how to use Posterous to host your podcast for free but reasons why you might not […]
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TPS Ep. 035 – Phone Calls From Within Your Browser via Gmail On this episode I talk about making voice calls from within your browser via Gmail, Podcamp Philly 4 and the presentation I’ll be giving, Camtasia for the mac, Gnomedex 10, and I’ll answer a few of your call in questions. Oh and the dynamics of moving your podcast studio! Yep I’m moving to a new […]
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TPS Ep. 034 – How to Avoid Losing Contact with Your Audience On this episode, Vincent, host of This Week in Virology, calls in to talk about his mix-minus setup. Grant wants to know about slow download speeds from files hosted on and I talk about having a plan to stay connected to your audience if one or more of your broadcasting channels goes down or […]

TPS Ep. 033 – Multiple Feeds via Libsyn, Edit Your YouTube Videos, A Critical Piece of Podcast Gear and More! Learn how to use your single Libsyn account to create multiple feeds, edit video in the cloud via YouTube, stalk that twitter account that you want but someone else has, and find out one of the most important parts of your podcast studio that you might not have considered. Right-Click to download Links mentioned in […]

TPS Ep. 032 – Sponsor Your Own Podcast On this episode I talk about progress made in my experiments with html5 for audio and video, thoughts about sponsoring your own podcast, and new ideas about how to market your show with the intent of growing your audience. We also have listener feedback sent in by Jerry of My Amateur and Steve from […]
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TPS Ep. 031 – Mixers, Mix-Minus, and Edirol vs Zoom Comparison On this episode I’m talking about new gear in the studio including a Mackie ProFX12 mixer and the Zoom H4n. I also discuss how I do a mix-minus setup for recording Skype calls. And I’m curious as a podcaster, do you apologize to your audience when you miss your regular schedule? Learn about why I […]
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TPS Ep. 030 – A Feedburner Refresher And Video Embed Players On this episode I give you a Feedburner refresher course. What it’s used for, what it does, and why you might want to use it to add some spice and flexibility to your podcast RSS feed. I also take a few minutes to discuss some of the issues that can arise when choosing a video […]
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TPS Ep. 029 – Gmail, Avatars, and Paypal Learn about why I like having a gmail account for each show I produce. The importance of having a recognizable avatar across all your online communities, and how to use Paypal for free. right-click to download subscribe to The Podcasters Studio Podcast
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TPS Ep. 028 – The Technical Pieces to Making Your Show a Success If your podcast was up for an award, would it be a winner? On this episode you’ll find out which elements of a podcast are judged for The Podcast Awards. Get an inside look at the voting process and use it to make your show stronger. Whether or not you are seeking an award winning […]

TPS Ep. 27 - The Importance of Recording Quality Audio and Video

It’s time to start producing the best sounding and/or looking podcast possible. Stand out from the crowd by making your show worthy of its content and your hard work.

On this episode I go on a mellow rant about why I think the quality of your audio and/or video should be as good or better than the best podcast. I explain how easy it is to achieve a great quality podcast worthy of all your hard work and I discuss the benefits of giving and receiving feedback.

Visit to listen to the complete archives, watch podcasting tutorials and listen to Podcast Quick Tips.

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TPS Ep. 026 – Podcast Statistics Where do you find statistics about your podcast? I hear this question often and with it usually comes confusion about what exactly is going on with the stats you get from Feedburner. On this episode I talk all about the different places to find stats for your show and why Feedburner may not be your […]
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TPS Ep. 025 – Learn How to Podcast Like a Pro – A Presentation Given at Podcamp Philly 3 A presentation I gave at Podcamp Philly 2009 about how to get the skills of a professional podcaster. I talk about everything from audio to video. How to learn the skills needed to produce high quality podcasts on the level of a professional such as better audio, proper compression rates, better video, lighting and many […]

TPS Ep. 024 – Live Streaming Your Podcast Going live to the internet is as easy as turning on your camera and connecting to any number of great free services. Broadcasting your podcast live adds a good deal of value to your show including live interaction with viewers, instant feedback, audience building, and an overall additional to your new media arsenal. As long […]
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TPS Ep. 023 – Video Podcasting Learn how to get started in video podcasting and some fun YouTube hacks. I talk about what cameras you need as well as other gear needed to start a video podcast. Also discussed are hosting options for you video, audio for video, and editing software options for both the Mac and PC. Once you have […]
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