TPS Ep. 025 – Learn How to Podcast Like a Pro – A Presentation Given at Podcamp Philly 3 A presentation I gave at Podcamp Philly 2009 about how to get the skills of a professional podcaster. I talk about everything from audio to video. How to learn the skills needed to produce high quality podcasts on the level of a professional such as better audio, proper compression rates, better video, lighting and many […]

TPS Ep. 024 – Live Streaming Your Podcast Going live to the internet is as easy as turning on your camera and connecting to any number of great free services. Broadcasting your podcast live adds a good deal of value to your show including live interaction with viewers, instant feedback, audience building, and an overall additional to your new media arsenal. As long […]
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TPS Ep. 023 – Video Podcasting Learn how to get started in video podcasting and some fun YouTube hacks. I talk about what cameras you need as well as other gear needed to start a video podcast. Also discussed are hosting options for you video, audio for video, and editing software options for both the Mac and PC. Once you have […]
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