An interview with Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements. A “podcast that talks about all things Podcasting. From planning planning, producing, and promoting your podcast along with all the tools and techniques.” With over 250 episodes published, Dave is one of the original podcasters. He was an early digital mentor for me […]
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Wizzard Media recently announced that they are implementing a new program that will allow podcast producers, with any account, to monetize their content. A basic Libsyn account can be purchased for as little as five dollars a month which would give you access to the subscription service. Each Libsyn account will have the option […]
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On this episode, announces that they will soon be supporting RSS feeds for their audio hosting service. I discuss what I think of the service for use as a podcast audio hosting solution and how you can get into the Soundcloud beta to be a tester for this new feature. Learn what options you […]
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TPS Ep. 041 – Autopost Your Podcast to Facebook, Archiving Content and Hardware Versus Software FX Processors On this episode I talk about how to post your podcast feed to facebook automatically including an audio player and how to keep your podcast alive after you stop producing it and paying for hosting. I also discuss the differences between using a hardware versus software based compressor/limiter/gate. This is a non-essential piece of equipment […]





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