Want an easy way to start making money with your podcast? Start using affilate links in your content. It may sound too simple to be effective but signing up for an affiliate program and placing links in your website’s text and/or mentioning them on your podcast is the easiest way to start monetizating your show. […]
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The goal of this episode was simple. Find out what happened to Zune.net and podcasts on the Zune Marketplace. To achieve this goal I went straight to the source. I talk to Rob Greenlee the Project Manager for podcasts on the Zune Marketplace. If you listened to episode 065, you heard me say that links […]
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First order of business is Zune. It appears that links to my podcast and everyone else for that matter, are broken. That’s because Zune.net is gone. This means that when you click your old link to Zune (if you had one on your site) you are now taken to xbox.com. Zune is gone and so […]
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Have you heard that Google might be shutting down Feedburner? Lots of people have but is it true? I have some of my own ideas and great resources for getting a much better picture of what is really going on. You’ll also hear about some resources for moving your feed away from Feedburner if you […]
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Rob Walch from Wizzard Media and Libsyn.com joins us once again to talk about all the recent improvements to podcast hosting on Libsyn. Even if you don’t have a Libsyn account or don’t plan to have one anytime soon, you’ll still want to listen as Rob provides many great insights into iTunes, podcasting statistics, hosting […]
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Have you ever speaker tested your podcast? Have you done it lately? Speaker testing your podcast means listening to your show the way your audience does, on many different devices.Your audience listens to your show in their car, on their mp3 player, on their computer and on many other devices and in countless environments. To […]
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Google announces that it will no longer support their native podcasting application, Google Listen. If you are using the Listen app, you’ll still be able to listen to podcasts however after Novemeber 11, 2012 the search function will no longer work. Google says because of the proliferation of podcasting apps available in their app store, […]
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From blogger to podcaster, Jeff Yin shares his experience of starting his very first podcast. Jeff attended Blogworld NYC 2012 as a blogger and quickly learned he’d make a great podcaster after attending several of the podcasting track sessions including Podcasting 101 which I was a part of. One month later, Jeff had taken some […]

We’re back in the Studio with Joe Gilder, audio engineer and podcaster, for part two in our discussion about audio post production for podcasters. On this episode (part 2 of 2) Joe and I open up the audio editor and take a look at the effects we use when post processing our audio for podcasting. Specifically we […]
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There’s lots of training online for audio post production. However, most of the information is focused on mastering audio for music. As podcaster’s our main post production concerns involve techniques related to mastering for voice only. Joe Gilder is an audio engineer who masters music for a living however  he’s also a podcaster. So I […]
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