Ever have an issue with Skype? Choppy connection, hiss in your audio, disconnected from your interviewee or co-host? These are just a few of the issues some podcasters are experiencing when using Skype. However, Skype, in many cases still remains one of the better ways to connect with remote interviewees and co-hosts. But what if […]
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What if you need to move your podcast RSS feed? I tell you how I accomplished this with one of the feeds we have at my work via a special RSS tag (see the links section below for the code). Also discussed is the number of episodes you’ll see listed on your iTunes page. The […]
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Have you run into the 512kb limit imposed on your feed via FeedBurner? This episode will give you some solutions about how to fix it or what to be on the lookout for so your feed doesn’t go down. If you’re just weary of the FeedBurner’s future and want to move your feed away, Rob […]
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I try a new way of recording my podcast (mic to Fethead to H4n, no mixer) and have a totally off-the-cuff episode filled with other thoughts about recording audio. In other words… I go off “script.” I also talk about SD vs HD video hosting and production. In my opinion, there is no reason to […]
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What were the largest hurdles you had to overcome when starting a podcast? Starting anything can be tough. The first sentence of a school paper, an about page on your blog, show notes for your podcast episode, these are all hard things to start but once you do you’re off and running. A podcast is […]
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Hangouts On-Air (HOA) have been a great experiment for my newest podcast, Podcasters’ Roundtable. I’ve tried several different live-streaming options and HOA’s have been remarkably effective in getting people to actually show up and participate. The most interesting revelation about this is the live-streams tend to get scheduled only 24 hours in advance of going […]
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Protect your WordPress website from malicious hackers, spam and other bots attempting to invade your site by taking some simple steps for non-coders. Plugins are a great way to enhance the security of your WordPress website. Dustin Hartzler from Your Website Engineer talks with me about some of his favorite ways to protect your website. Also included […]
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When coming up with a name for your podcast, consider asking a friend what they think. Special guest host David Jackson explains.

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Do you have a microphone, mixer or recorder that requires you to turn up the gain settings really loud in order to get a good signal? The FetHead might just be your answer to bringing those gain levels back down and reducing the hiss and noise you’re getting in your podcast’s audio. To be clear, […]
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Microphones! Matt McGlynn from Recording Hacks joins me “in Studio” to talk all about microphones (a passion and hobby of his) and specifically those mics that work best for most podcasters. Matt’s site, Recording Hacks, is dedicated to “making audio gear accessible and useful to people.” Recently he has written a couple of great articles […]
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I recently spoke on the topic of podcasting at Social Media Week D.C. (#SMWDC) and it presented some great opportunities to use gear that I don’t always use and speak to people face to face instead of from behind the mic. This of course led to some insights that are perfect for podcasters. Public speaking […]
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Your website is your podcast’s central hub, its home on the web. It’s where you have an entire archive of all your episodes, links you mentioned in any given show, buttons to follow, share and continue the conversation on social media, profiles of your hosts and easy ways to allow your community to get in […]
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Take a behind the scenes listen to the audio workflow that I use to produce an episode of The Podcasters’ Studio. Want to learn how to shoot better video for your podcast, YouTube channel or just your home movies? I take you through the most important steps to getting a more professional look out of […]
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