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Do you have more noise in your podcast audio than you'd like? Do you know what is causing that noise? Is it your mic? How about your studio or maybe it's your preamp...if you use one. I'm talking with Julian Krause all about the latter but of course we dive into many related topics surrounding preamps and noise, including:

How to test a preamp for noise or find out what its noise floor measurement is.

How the noise you're hearing might be coming from your mic (if it's a condenser) before it comes from your preamp.

Dynamic vs condensor microphones.

Several audio recorders to include the Mixpre, Zoom H5, H4n and H4n Pro, Zoom f8 and more.

Microphone impedance and some of the standard mics you may have used or are currently using.

And how the device Julian made works for testing a preamp and how to make one of your own.

Comparing preamps to other preamps in terms of noise floor specs.

And how not to test a preamp.

Measuring noise levels (of a preamp) in software.

Using low cut filters during recording vs post production.

Gain staging—how to get the most out the device you’re using cause the noise floor exists regardless of your recording level. Can you simply lower your level to lower the noise? Not really. You’ll end up needing to boost levels in post production and the noise will then be audible because it was always there; you just couldn't hear it in your headphones while recording at lower levels.

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