Want an easy way to start making money with your podcast? Start using affilate links in your content. It may sound too simple to be effective but signing up for an affiliate program and placing links in your website’s text and/or mentioning them on your podcast is the easiest way to start monetizating your show. […]
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Wizzard Media recently announced that they are implementing a new program that will allow podcast producers, with any Libsyn.com account, to monetize their content. A basic Libsyn account can be purchased for as little as five dollars a month which would give you access to the subscription service. Each Libsyn account will have the option […]
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TPS Ep. 032 – Sponsor Your Own Podcast On this episode I talk about progress made in my experiments with html5 for audio and video, thoughts about sponsoring your own podcast, and new ideas about how to market your show with the intent of growing your audience. We also have listener feedback sent in by Jerry of My Amateur Radio.com and Steve from […]
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