PQT - One Click iTunes Subscription Buttons Versus iTunes Show Page URLs

Using an ITPC link to create a one-click subscribe button for your podcast on your website will exclude itunes from knowing you have a new subscriber. Don't be cheated out of your stats and thus hurting your show's ranking in the itunes podcast directory. Learn how to use native itunes links to make each subscriber count.

TPS Ep. 033 – Multiple Feeds via Libsyn, Edit Your YouTube Videos, A Critical Piece of Podcast Gear and More! Learn how to use your single Libsyn account to create multiple feeds, edit video in the cloud via YouTube, stalk that twitter account that you want but someone else has, and find out one of the most important parts of your podcast studio that you might not have considered. Right-Click to download Links mentioned in […]

TPS Ep. 032 – Sponsor Your Own Podcast On this episode I talk about progress made in my experiments with html5 for audio and video, thoughts about sponsoring your own podcast, and new ideas about how to market your show with the intent of growing your audience. We also have listener feedback sent in by Jerry of My Amateur Radio.com and Steve from […]
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