A video interview (6 min.) with Mike from the Mike Tech Show. I recorded live to file, a few video interviews from Podcamp Philly 2009 at Temple University and I’m bringing them to you as bonus content to the normal audio show. This was my first time with this new microphone and as you can […]
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TPS Ep. 034 – How to Avoid Losing Contact with Your Audience On this episode, Vincent, host of This Week in Virology, calls in to talk about his mix-minus setup. Grant wants to know about slow download speeds from files hosted on blip.tv and I talk about having a plan to stay connected to your audience if one or more of your broadcasting channels goes down or […]

Steve Cherubino interviewed at Podcamp Philly 2009 about his show the Podnutz Podcast. Steve gives us a tip from his presentation on podcasting about how to dramitcailly increase the number of viewers for your podcast with one, easy to follow method. Steve also shares his favorite piece of podcasting software.
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