The importance of having a clean, easy to read, relevant show logo. Learn why your podcast’s show art is so important and how to improve on the one you already have or create one for free. Also find out how to use Posterous to host your podcast for free but reasons why you might not […]
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When embedding your audio file (mp3) into your blog and/or website, make sure to include a text hyperlink to the raw audio file. This will allow users on mobile devices such as iphone and ipads to download and listen to your podcast.

This is also how some people prefer to recieve your content. Some people would rather go to your webpage and be able to save your file to their computer so that they can migrate the audio or video to whatever player they choose.


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Learn an easy way to convert your videos into itunes friendly formats.

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Learn why it's important to always publish your audio podcast in the mp3 file format.

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Find out about a powerful facebook strategy I use to potentially gain a large increase in the amount of people listening and subscribing to your podcast.

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Podcast Quick Tips - Set Hyperlinks on Your Website to Open in a New Window or Tab

When you create a new hyperlink on your website it's always good to set the link to open in a new window or tab so that the person visiting your site is not taken away from your page prematurely.

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Podcast Quick Tips - A Logo for Your Podcast

Learn why having a logo for your podcast is so important and how to create one for free. Also learn some of the most important elements of show logo design for maximizing the impact it has on your audience.

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