When you compress your final edited version of your podcast into an mp3 audio file you have a couple decisions to make. How big or small do I want the file to be versus how good do I want it to sound?

There are many factors that can lead to a final decision regarding your podcast file. These are a few factors that I take into consideration when compressing my mp3 for release into the feed.

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When coming up with a name for your podcast, consider asking a friend what they think. Special guest host David Jackson explains.

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Include names of interviewees and guests in your podcast titles so that they show up in iTunes search.

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Find out how to get the most out of your podcasting budget by focusing on the elements of your show that are most likely to affect the quality of your podcast.

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Learn how you can earn money when someone uses your iTunes subscription link to subscribe to your podcast.

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An update to the status of FeedBurner. Do you need to move your feed?

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Sign up for a free Gravatar to automatically display your image next to comments you leave on the web.

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Test your podcast's audio on all types of speakers to get a good idea of how your audience hears it.

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