Have you thought about getting the *Shure SM7B? Does it seem like every podcaster is using this microphone or saving up to buy one? On this episode you'll hear the SM7B, learn some of its history and why it's an industry standard and a podcasting favorite. Why did I buy this microphone and should you get one? Let's dive into the SM7B and find out why I think it's the most used microphone in podcasting.

Full writeup at thepodcastersstudio.com/103

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See http://thepodcastersstudio.com/102 for complete links and video!

Do you have more noise in your podcast audio than you'd like? Do you know what is causing that noise? Is it your mic? How about your studio or maybe it's your preamp...if you use one. I'm talking with Julian Krause all about the latter but of course we dive into many related topics surrounding preamps and noise, including:

How to test a preamp for noise or find out what its noise floor measurement is.

How the noise you're hearing might be coming from your mic (if it's a condenser) before it comes from your preamp.

Dynamic vs condensor microphones.

Several audio recorders to include the Mixpre, Zoom H5, H4n and H4n Pro, Zoom f8 and more.

Microphone impedance and some of the standard mics you may have used or are currently using.

And how the device Julian made works for testing a preamp and how to make one of your own.

Comparing preamps to other preamps in terms of noise floor specs.

And how not to test a preamp.

Measuring noise levels (of a preamp) in software.

Using low cut filters during recording vs post production.

Gain staging—how to get the most out the device you’re using cause the noise floor exists regardless of your recording level. Can you simply lower your level to lower the noise? Not really. You’ll end up needing to boost levels in post production and the noise will then be audible because it was always there; you just couldn't hear it in your headphones while recording at lower levels.

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In this sample, I've plugged the ATR2100 into my Mackie ProFX mixer via XLR connection which is then piped through an MDX compressor and out to a DAR.

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I received my ATR2100 USB/XLR mic today and this is the recording I made straight out of the box via USB into Garageband, no effects.

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In YouTube even the file name matters. Google will be able to better index your video if you name the file of your video something related to the video content itself.

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PQT - Microphones for Video

Learn what options you have when choosing a microphone for your video podcast productions. In most cases audio is as important or even more important than the quality of your video. Find out the different types of microphones that you can use together with whatever video camera you have to get the best quality audio possible out of your video productions.

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Promote your podcast by contacting the people and or companies you mention in your show. Many times those people will respond by passing on your content to their community.


PQT - Choosing a Mixer for Podcasting

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When you are deciding on what kind of mixer to get for your podcast there are several things to consider before making your purchase. I run through the most important things I think you should be looking for in a mixer that will be used for producing podcasts.

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When creating a podcast, before you even publish it live to the internet, itunes or anywhere else, make sure to create a short 15 to 30 second promo for your show.


Creating a short promo will allow your podcast to get into the itunes store early, before your actual show's launch date which will allow you to go live with your very first podcast without any barriers to being discovered on itunes. 


Because you submitted your show early, the approval process will be completed before you publish your first episode. When your first episode is published, your itunes podcast page will have already been approved and your show will be immediately searchable in itunes as well as any other podcast directories you have submitted your show to (e.g. Zune, Miro). 


In case you didn't know, getting your show listed in itunes requires an approval process. Sometimes the process can take as little as half an hour but in most cases it can be days or even weeks before someone listens or watches your show and makes sure it meets requirements (valid feed, appropriate show art, etc) set out by Apple and the itunes store. So get your show submitted early, before you publish your very first episode and when you are ready to go live, your show will be ready to be found on itunes.

Please visit www.ThePodcastersStudio.com to view more podcasting content including tutorials and videos.

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Learn how to make your podcast rank higher in search results via google, bing, yahoo, etc.
By titling your episodes using relevant keywords (words that are contained within your episodes content), you are more likely to show up on the first page of search results when someone is looking for your niche focused content.

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I talk about the various different online platforms you can use to produce a live stream of your podcast.

Are you interested in letting people watch you live while you record your show? If so then you can use various different sites to accomplish this. Sites such as Ustream, Livestream and Justin.tv are just a few of the options.

I explain how to accomplish this and which sites I like best and use to live stream my own podcast.

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Use twitter to get more mileage out of your content by tweeting about the various topics covered during an episode. For example, if on your most recent episode you talked about three different topics, you essentially should break up those topics into their own individual tweets. By doing so, you will be able to tweet about the same show, including a link URL three different times, however each tweet will be about a different topic that you covered within your episode.

This is a good way to expose your followers to the various topics you talked about on any one show. Often times we are not able to tell the listener every topic we talked about in our episode within the title of the episode. Doing so would lead to titles that were much too long.

By breaking up your topics into individual tweets, you let your friends on twitter know exactly what was covered on your show in its entirety. Often times someone might not be interested in listening to any given episode because the title of the episode only represents a portion of what you talked about and that portion might not be interesting to every listener. This way however, the listeners get to learn about topics that perhaps are interesting to them but might not have been mentioned in the title of the episode. In this way, you are not spamming your followers so much as you are giving them more detail about each show you produce. Remember to include a link to the episode mentioned.

Also, since tweets have a short shelf life (most followers don't see each tweet) this gives your friends more chance they'll actually see that you have a new episode published. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you. Thanks for listening.

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How long does it take before a podcast RSS feed is accepted into the itunes store once you have submitted it?

When you've submitted your podcast to itunes and its not showing up in the itunes catalog, many podcasters start to worry that they did something wrong. So what do you do once you have submitted your RSS feed to itunes but it's not showing up in the itunes store?

The answer is patience. In order to make sure your podcast has been submitted and is in the process of being reviewed, make sure you received the confirmation email that tells you that indeed your podcast RSS feed has been submitted to itunes. You should receive this email shortly after you submit your valid podcast feed.

Wait times for getting your podcast approved can be as long as 3 weeks or as quick as 30 minutes. Once your podcast has been reviewed by someone at apple (yes someone actually looks and/or listens to your podcast) you will receive an email telling you that your podcast has been accepted and the same email will contain very important information about your show such as links that you can use to find your show on the web and on itunes.

Make sure you save this email and archive it somewhere you will remember and access easily because almost certainly you will be looking for it again to use the important information contain within the email about your show.

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Submitting your show to new podcatchers is the best way to grow your audience fast. Make sure to submit your podcast to all the podcasting directories you can find and don't forget the thousands of people who are consuming, searching, and using the Blackberry Podcast store. Go to www.ThePodcastersStudio.com/blackberrystore to create an account and submit all your podcasts (audio and video) today.

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When embedding your audio file (mp3) into your blog and/or website, make sure to include a text hyperlink to the raw audio file. This will allow users on mobile devices such as iphone and ipads to download and listen to your podcast.

This is also how some people prefer to recieve your content. Some people would rather go to your webpage and be able to save your file to their computer so that they can migrate the audio or video to whatever player they choose.


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Learn an easy way to convert your videos into itunes friendly formats.

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Learn why it's important to always publish your audio podcast in the mp3 file format.

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Find out about a powerful facebook strategy I use to potentially gain a large increase in the amount of people listening and subscribing to your podcast.

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Podcast Quick Tips - Set Hyperlinks on Your Website to Open in a New Window or Tab

When you create a new hyperlink on your website it's always good to set the link to open in a new window or tab so that the person visiting your site is not taken away from your page prematurely.

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Podcast Quick Tips - A Logo for Your Podcast

Learn why having a logo for your podcast is so important and how to create one for free. Also learn some of the most important elements of show logo design for maximizing the impact it has on your audience.

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PQT - One Click iTunes Subscription Buttons Versus iTunes Show Page URLs

Using an ITPC link to create a one-click subscribe button for your podcast on your website will exclude itunes from knowing you have a new subscriber. Don't be cheated out of your stats and thus hurting your show's ranking in the itunes podcast directory. Learn how to use native itunes links to make each subscriber count.





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