What were the largest hurdles you had to overcome when starting a podcast? Starting anything can be tough. The first sentence of a school paper, an about page on your blog, show notes for your podcast episode, these are all hard things to start but once you do you’re off and running. A podcast is […]
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When you compress your final edited version of your podcast into an mp3 audio file you have a couple decisions to make. How big or small do I want the file to be versus how good do I want it to sound?

There are many factors that can lead to a final decision regarding your podcast file. These are a few factors that I take into consideration when compressing my mp3 for release into the feed.

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Hangouts On-Air (HOA) have been a great experiment for my newest podcast, Podcasters’ Roundtable. I’ve tried several different live-streaming options and HOA’s have been remarkably effective in getting people to actually show up and participate. The most interesting revelation about this is the live-streams tend to get scheduled only 24 hours in advance of going […]
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