In this sample, I've plugged the ATR2100 into my Mackie ProFX mixer via XLR connection which is then piped through an MDX compressor and out to a DAR.

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I received my ATR2100 USB/XLR mic today and this is the recording I made straight out of the box via USB into Garageband, no effects.

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Have you ever speaker tested your podcast? Have you done it lately? Speaker testing your podcast means listening to your show the way your audience does, on many different devices.Your audience listens to your show in their car, on their mp3 player, on their computer and on many other devices and in countless environments. To […]
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Test your podcast's audio on all types of speakers to get a good idea of how your audience hears it.

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Google announces that it will no longer support their native podcasting application, Google Listen. If you are using the Listen app, you’ll still be able to listen to podcasts however after Novemeber 11, 2012 the search function will no longer work. Google says because of the proliferation of podcasting apps available in their app store, […]
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