TPS Ep. 27 - The Importance of Recording Quality Audio and Video

It’s time to start producing the best sounding and/or looking podcast possible. Stand out from the crowd by making your show worthy of its content and your hard work.

On this episode I go on a mellow rant about why I think the quality of your audio and/or video should be as good or better than the best podcast. I explain how easy it is to achieve a great quality podcast worthy of all your hard work and I discuss the benefits of giving and receiving feedback.

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TPS Ep. 026 – Podcast Statistics Where do you find statistics about your podcast? I hear this question often and with it usually comes confusion about what exactly is going on with the stats you get from Feedburner. On this episode I talk all about the different places to find stats for your show and why Feedburner may not be your […]
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