TPS088: Compression for Podcasts with Randy Coppinger Ever wonder when, how or why to use compression when post-processing your podcast? If the answer is yes then this is your episode. Randy Coppinger, professional audio engineer, talks with me about using compression for your spoken word podcast and just as importantly, when not to. We talk about what compression can do for your audio, how […]
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Your website is your podcast’s central hub, its home on the web. It’s where you have an entire archive of all your episodes, links you mentioned in any given show, buttons to follow, share and continue the conversation on social media, profiles of your hosts and easy ways to allow your community to get in […]
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The goal of this episode was simple. Find out what happened to and podcasts on the Zune Marketplace. To achieve this goal I went straight to the source. I talk to Rob Greenlee the Project Manager for podcasts on the Zune Marketplace. If you listened to episode 065, you heard me say that links […]
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From blogger to podcaster, Jeff Yin shares his experience of starting his very first podcast. Jeff attended Blogworld NYC 2012 as a blogger and quickly learned he’d make a great podcaster after attending several of the podcasting track sessions including Podcasting 101 which I was a part of. One month later, Jeff had taken some […]

We’re back in the Studio with Joe Gilder, audio engineer and podcaster, for part two in our discussion about audio post production for podcasters. On this episode (part 2 of 2) Joe and I open up the audio editor and take a look at the effects we use when post processing our audio for podcasting. Specifically we […]
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There’s lots of training online for audio post production. However, most of the information is focused on mastering audio for music. As podcaster’s our main post production concerns involve techniques related to mastering for voice only. Joe Gilder is an audio engineer who masters music for a living however  he’s also a podcaster. So I […]
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