99 podcast episodes is a lot. Hopefully, when you reach that milestone, you’ve learned a thing or two about how to make your podcast better. This episode is a collection of lessons I’ve learned over those 99 episodes. First lesson, be your own best critic. But if you’re a creative type, you probably already are;) In that case, give yourself a break, create, learn, repeat.

Most of the lessons in this episode where culled while listening to most of my back catalog of content. I scrubbed through all my past podcast episodes picking out those things that made me think I could of done it differently or want to change moving forward past episode 100.
Here are the highlights or perhaps in this case they are lowlights?;)

  • Get reliable hosting from the start. I had to migrate from free hosting when it closed. Not a shock since it’s hard to keep the lights on for free. The migration can be a headache, especially if you have lots of episodes and it may end up costing you all the money you “saved.”
  • A how-to show, like mine, would benefit by telling the audience to listen in reverse chronological order to get the most recent info. Consider whether or not you may need to teach your audience how to listen.
  • ...see the complete list 

The biggest thing I’ve learned on this 99 episode journey is to stick with it!

Yes, producing a show once a week consistently, is ideal but if you fall off that mark, don’t burn down the house you spent so much time building. Don’t stop.

Produce more episodes when you can. Your true audience will keep you in their feeds. It took way too long for me to get to this episode and many times I’ve thought it was time to stop TPS over guilt of not being here as often as I should be or that I might not have anymore to say but I know that I still love the show and still love being a voice in podcasting so I move forward and give special thanks to everyone that continues the ride along with me.

I approach this show as a hobby, its goal is not to generate the income I live off of, I don’t need it to make any money, its nice when it pays for itself but through 99 episodes that hasn’t been why the show is here. The show is here so that I can share my experience as a podcast producer with those of you who are also producing podcasts or are interested in doing so.

There’s nothing you could hire me to learn that I don’t teach on this show. So with an approach like that, just keep going. It’s better to have produced some episodes every year than to produce nothing at all.

I might give different advice to a show that was a marketing tool for a business but for most podcasters, keep going, do your best and make sure your podcast is something you enjoy doing not something you feel like you have to do. And be proud. Just starting a show and trying is a big accomplishment that most others will never achieve.

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